B11 Design LLC is the parent company
of KAKAR House of Design.

B11 is the house number of Anil’s paternal grandparents’ home in New Delhi, India where he spent the first 7 years of his childhood. There are many fond memories of this home where family and friends often gathered at any given moment.

Anil grew up in Michigan and completed his BA at Michigan State University. Soon after graduating, he worked for an international design firm in Chicago where he consequently was promoted to take on additional marketing responsibilities in South Florida.


Combining his passion for design and business, Anil completed his MBA at the University of Miami, during which time he was a banker and wealth advisor for major banks.

Anil’s drive for creating and designing grew stronger as he completed several personal projects in Miami. Having been encouraged by friends to pursue design on a full-time basis, B11 Design was formed in 2010. KAKAR House of Design, the retail store, opened February 2012 in Miami.

Anil’s design philosophy is quite simple: to design spaces that are comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing to suit the lifestyles of his clients.

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